Stories of children and tacklers from the Tackle world

Stories of children and tacklers from the Tackle world

Monday, August 26, 2013

The quintessential older sister

I felt a sense of familiarity as I walked into the school on Saturday for my 3rd caravan and saw familiar faces all around me. The excitement levels never cease to amaze me as every week the children just seem to quadruple their energy reserves which I find to be an excellent thing as it constantly keeps me on my toes. The most endearing part of the day for me, personally, was when I had a child I got familiar with last week come up to me and introduce me to her younger brother and sister whom she had fondly told me about last week and named as part of a game that required the kids to name the people they liked and loved the most. What I found most endearing was that she constantly seemed to be available to her younger siblings, especially her baby brother and involved them in all the activities...

-- Arshia R

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