Stories of children and tacklers from the Tackle world

Stories of children and tacklers from the Tackle world

Monday, September 2, 2013

A night in the tractor

... While we were waiting for all the kids to be done with registration, I tried talking to our in-house 'Messi', Prashanth, and this time he actually opened up, probably because of the efforts of Amy who started the conversation. He spoke about how he used to live with his Uncle and Aunt as his parents were no more. He told us about how he and his friends slept in the tractor across the field the previous night and upon questioning his choice to not go home and the worry his uncle and aunt must have felt, he told us that he was currently living with his friend as his aunt and uncle had kicked him out of the house. When asked why he had been kicked out of his house he was a little hesitant to talk about it and immediately changed the topic. He also mentioned that he worked in a juice shop and earned close to Rs.3000 a month and he used this money to buy himself clothes and food. In the meantime the registrations were done and the kids were all asking for the ball, so Prashanth went ahead and started playing with them while Amy and I stood and contemplated what we had learned about Prashanth... 

--Husain Miyajiwala

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