Stories of children and tacklers from the Tackle world

Stories of children and tacklers from the Tackle world

Friday, November 15, 2013

Caravan after Diwali

It felt AMAZING to be back after almost a one month gap! The kids were excited to bits and we couldn't help but forget all the activities and talk about everything we missed. They shared what they did on Diwali, got angry with us because we didn't come see them for so long and we basically covered everything that happened in the past month.
We then started off with our ritual - The banana song :P
After which the
Shrimad Rajchandra Divinetouch (SRD) volunteers came and taught us all a song in different languages, told the kids a story, made them write thank you cards for whoever made them smile. I even got two thank you cards from two boys I met for the first time today!
It was truly wonderful coming back, and I can't wait for the excitement held up for the next Diwali caravan! :D

-- Neharika Puri

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