Stories of children and tacklers from the Tackle world

Stories of children and tacklers from the Tackle world

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Facing the giants!!

To be honest, I'm not very good with children. In fact, I used to dislike spending any time with them at all. When I took up this internship, it was with a view to overcome my inhibitions as well as do something productive in the world and actually volunteer for some real and worthwhile work.
So when I ended up arriving before everyone else on the first day, I was obviously very lost because there were just children all around me. Finally, I quite worrying and approached them and had a really good conversation with them about where I was from. I found myself laughing and completely comfortable with these little children. Then of course, everyone came and the stalls were in full swing. I'm part of the dance stall and first we had only girls in our stall. I was surprised at how well behaved and respectful they were. I took a liking to all of them instantly and we had a lot of fun dancing to all sorts of fun dances. What made us move the most was the awesome Tamil music I played. We all went mad dancing and those girls really know how to shake it! They were teaching us how to dance by the end of it. Then after this, the boys came in because they got completely excited by the music and wanted to dance as well. But in order to calm them down, we had to play a couple of games first. By which point I observed the first fight between two boys among what I expect will be many. But they patched things up. It ended up getting late so we couldn't continue with the dances and the day came to a close by each one of the kids coming to me and saying bye and shaking my hand and making me feel so good and content with the day's activities.
This caravan has really taught me things about myself as well. I actually ended up being really good with these children. I felt that I really connected with some of them. What I loved most about them was the fact that you could just be so free and open with these children about who you are and they seem to accept you no matter what. The day was extremely fruitful and I remember I went to sleep at peace, knowing that I could contribute in some way. However big, however small. I am learning.
         --- Apsara V

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