Stories of children and tacklers from the Tackle world

Stories of children and tacklers from the Tackle world

Monday, September 23, 2013

Barefoot and smiling

   Today we got the privilege to go and have a look at where do these children come from. As I entered their locality I was welcomed by the sight of about 50 colourful plastic pots to carry water. As I was led into their tiny lanes and I was passing through their houses, what struck me the most was how proud these children were that they were going to show their house to us! ‘Akka come to my house, Akka please!’ I was surprised because I expected them to be unwilling to share this very personal part of their life.
While walking in one of the lanes I heard someone call out ‘Hi Sonia akka’, I turned to look and there was the very girl I was singing and a laughing with a while back. It took me some time to recognize her because she had changed and she seemed to be washing the portion outside her house.She did not seem like the same child from the singing stall. I was finally able to actually see what their life was like every other day apart from those two hours at the caravan. I saw one of the other little girls carrying a pot full of water with great difficulty. I didn’t see any of these girls complaining to me about all the work they are made to do. They have just accepted it and continue to live life with a smile. Here we are grumbling about tiny things such as I have to wake up so early for college every day, and here these kids are, taking the responsibility of an adult and bearing it all with a smile on their face.
While I was walking through that mucky place, navigating in such a way as to not get my sandal and churidar dirty, while right in front of me is that little girl, walking away without any footwear on. How much we can learn from these children, if only we are willing to.  

-- Sonia Elizabeth P

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