Stories of children and tacklers from the Tackle world

Stories of children and tacklers from the Tackle world

Monday, September 16, 2013

Rushed stories, finger painting, and smiles

    ...I began my task of luring the kids to the stall with help of puzzles and story books. And this kid comes to me, DevaDarshini, and she asks me to read a story, and I read it word by word and she repeated after me and impatient as ever, after two pages she asked me to read the last page, and hence we "finished" the story together...

    ...I was with DevaDarshini almost throughout the caravan and her smiles and interest in the activities made my day. Finger painting with her, reading for her and simply being around her was amazing. Its overwhelming and feels really great when you have a kid around, who is learning from you and appreciating your work (she loved my painted cup) at the same time. I've realized that I end up reliving my childhood with the kids and I love it and cherish every minute of it.

-- Sara Fathima 

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